Long-term document storage

By handing over the registration records to the administration of our company, the client's worries related to the technical, organizational and personnel provision of the registration center (organization archive) end.

We provide professional archiving of documents in secure areas and, thanks to the used shelving system, we ensure efficient storage (archiving) of documents freely in folders or in archiving boxes.

In addition to the function of a storage place, our registration center also allows authorized persons to view documents, borrow records, perform the function of protection against information leakage, and ensure the protection of documents against possible attempts to intentionally destroy it.


What are the benefits of using our services?

  • Save space in your own space
  • Labor savings
  • No investment in the purchase of shelving and other storage systems needed in the registration center
  • Time savings associated with record search (or overall labor savings)
  • Minimize the risk of records being lost or accidentally destroyed
  • Protection of documents against access by unauthorized persons


more than 20 years of experiences

4 centres in Slovakia and Czech Republic

More than 120 satisfied

95 km storage
capacity of centres