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Our company is ready to provide clients professional guidance and help regarding registry administration. Thank to years of experience in this area we offer most appropriate solutions in registry, taking and delivering, securing, locating and shredding of registry records.

The registry is a set of all documents that come from the activities of a legal entity. It consists of all documents delivered or created by the organization as well as all special agendas, e.g. accounting, technical, legal, business, personnel, etc.

The administration of the company registry is defined by Act no. 395/2002 Coll. on archives and registries and on the amendment of certain laws as amended, such as ensuring the registration, creation, storage, protection of registry records, access to them and ensuring their disposal.

This Act imposes an obligation on the originator of the registry, which is any legal entity from which the registry is created, i.e.  all documents related to the subject of activity of the given entity, to ensure the administration of this documentation.

Entrepreneurs thus have not only an additional obligation, but also demands to store extensive documentation.

How to deal with an infinite number of files, what are the deadlines for depositing individual documents and what are the sanctions for non-compliance?

Thanks to many years of experience, our company is ready to provide its clients with professional advice, optimization and assistance in solving problems related to the administration of the registry.


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