Document digitization

In our company, a specialized workplace deals with the digitization of documents. We have many years of experience with this activity and we use high-capacity scanners for scanning. In addition to conventional text scanning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), indexing, data mining, and digital document control are performed as part of this process.

If the client is interested in digitizing the downloaded registration documents, we are fully able to meet this requirement.

For this service we offer:

  • outsourcing of document digitization, ie. we will return the delivered documents in paper form scanned and saved in the shape and structure you require
  • if the client's registry is managed by our company for a long time and at the same time the client is also interested in digitizing documents, we can ensure that scanned documents are stored in our repository with the possibility of establishing remote access.

Scan quality: 150dpi - 600dpi

Document format: from A6 - A3

Documents: loose or bound

Image type: BW (black and white), 256 level Gray or 24bit Color

Output format of scanned documents: JPEG, PDF, TIF or BMP

What are the benefits of scanning and digitizing documents for you?

  • Instant access to archived records
  • Work more efficiently with documents
  • Search by keywords in a document or document file
  • Save time
  • Saving physical storage space


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4 centres in Slovakia and Czech Republic

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